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{December 7, 2008}   As promised…

As promised, I plan to give you some background on my life. This past year has sucked. To put it politely. If I didn’t have stress, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Recap: Got my IUD out 2/5/08. Wait, wait, wait. Screw, screw, screw. Get the picture? Anyway, 4 weeks went by, no signs/symptoms of a period, so I check a pee-stick. Uh, uh,uh…Knocked up!!!! I race to the doctor’s office and get the blood drawn. Have multiple u/s where I’m told that “everything’s perfect!”  Hah. During all of this, my husband, who’s in his thirties, has a mild MI (heart attack, for those of you who are non-medicos), and my stepson comes to live with us.  Then, as if that weren’t enough stress, my stepson moves back home to his idiot mother’s house ostensibly b/c we expected him to act like he was not raised by a pack of wolves, my baby gets diagnosed with anencephaly (lethal birth defect in which the baby never lives and can cause deathly complications in mother), and my husband changes jobs.  This new job is much better, but still.  I chose to terminate my pregnancy.  I worked as a labor nurse before I worked in the OR, so I knew way more about the process than I needed to.  THEN, to add insult to injury, I had to have a D&C.  I got 6 weeks maternity leave, with no actual maternity.  Oh, and some serious post-partum depression.  How’s that for a sucky year?  So, now it’s been 6 months, I feel much better on the depression front with a nod to the great people who invented Wellbutrin, and life seems to have calmed down, somewhat.   Am still trying to get pregnant, but no such luck.  MIL states:  “Nina, hon (pronounced “hun” for you non-southerners), don’t be so down in the dumps about not being knocked up.  You’ll be fine.”  I think it was a breakthrough for me not to have blasted her to the next solar system.  Instead, I just told my husband I was ready to leave, and walked away.  Some piece of work, huh?    I still say she was a large, rude, multi-colored parrot in another life.  Anyone have any ideas as to what sore subject we could bring up to her so she might possibly not be so obtuse and figure out how I feel?  Hmm.  Thought not.  Husband started to defend her, but thought better of it when he realized he might have to sleep in the basement with the dogs.  I have a pug and an english bulldog.  Bo the bulldog tries to shake hands with the pizza boy, and Peanut the pug just pisses on everything.  (Typical male, marking territory.  All you girls go out and examine your trees.  Your husbands have marked out there somewhere, they just thought you didn’t see.)  My family, though not always 100% appropriate, is a bit more sensitive to my plight, and doesn’t say and do things like that.  My family is on the dingbatty side.  I thought for years that I was adopted until I saw pics of my dad when he was younger and realized I was him with boobs.  My sister, V, is very brilliant, but just yesterday locked her keys in her car with it running.  I am willing to admit I miiiiiiiight be on the unstable side when it comes to my temper.  I have a mouth like Mt St. Helen’s.  Have been known to tongue lash Surgeons into good behavior and abject apologies.  Course, none of us is good at not letting people know what we think.  Horrible at poker.  My brother, F, is also brilliant, but less like the absent-minded professor, and more like Bill Gates.  Literally.  He can caress and cajole a computer into anything.  Very convincing with megabytes.  Luckily for him, this is his chosen profession.  He married a girl who we like even better than we like him.  He can be dry as a chip in his humor and very “black and white” in his opinions.  Very little grey.  She is  a good balance.  V and I told him years ago not to bring home a girl we would  have to kill.  He did a very good job.  We approve.  We were pretty much the “Cleaver Family” until a few years ago.  Parents went middle age crazy.  Got new spouses, in multiples, no less.  Became hard to keep up for awhile.  Even aunts and uncles were bemused.  We kids, of course, said our peace, but were summarily and completely ignored.  I finally told Dad that as long as he didn’t have to come live in my spare room, he could do whatever he effin’ wanted to.  Mom refused to answer our calls for so long that we finally google-mapped her new address and gate-crashed her.  Told her if she didn’t want us coming in there with rope and hot tar aiming at her new husband, she’d best pick up the d— phone.    Seemed to work.  For now.  The new husband, incidentally, is a man educated far beyond his intelligence level.  (Checking to see how much nannycam costs.  Mom’s Christmas gift?)  TTFN!

{December 7, 2008}   In which I introduce myself.

Hello!  This is very new to me, but I’ve been reading other people’s blogs, and have been inspired.  My name is Nina, like Chris Columbus’ ship, and I’m an RN from Tennessee.  I once told someone that in a bar when asked for my name, and he called me “Mayflower” the rest of the night.  True story. I didn’t give him my number. (We didn’t want him to have any delusions of grandeur about procreation with that level of brain power.)  Did, however, tell him that he was approximately 130 years too late in history.  Happily, the man I married is brilliant, and keeps me in the lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed.  Currently, we’ve been trying to have a baby, with no luck.  Hopefully, this will change soon, as (and this comes with working in healthcare) I have very little patience.  Really, no pun intended.  Anyway, I’ve just come off of the worst Thanksgiving holiday in the history of NPS (see name of blog if this abbreviation is a mystery).  I’m not pregnant, my mother-in law (more on her later) can’t use tact or class with any agility whatsoever, and the sewer backed up into my house causing us to incur a huge bill for plumbing.  Oh, and I was also on call the first day back at work after this mess, and just knew that I’d have to clean the bathrooms when I got home.  Did I tell you about my wonderful husband?  He had it all done when I got home.  He really deserves a “major award.” (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge;))  Actually, he deserves that a lot more than he gets it.  He’s really quite long suffering.  Been married 7 years and no itching yet, bless him!  However, how he turned out even remotely normal, given his lineage, is beyond me.  The rest of his kin crawled out from under a huge boulder, not just a rock.  Bless their hearts.  (In the south, this is how we absolve ourselves of any guilt from our opinions and being angry with people.  Bless their hearts.)  Will comment on in-laws more when we get through the holiday season.  After this past weekend, I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with to irk me about next.  I honestly think I could give my entire month’s salary if my MIL would move to China and never return.  Ok, been real, love y’all, gotta go.

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