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{December 9, 2008}   Men of different generations

I get so frustrated dealing with some men from older generations.  They don’t want to believe that women have brains, have feelings that must be dealt with, or any valid concerns whatsoever other than what to put on the table.  This is especially frustrating to me as I bake desserts of all kinds, make lasagna and spaghetti, mac&cheese, and chicken alfredo.  Oh, and iced tea and grape Kool-Aid.  This is my repertoire.  My dad never let us in the kitchen to learn after “the accident.”  This would lead you all to believe that someone died, but in reality, only some hair roots did.  Mom was baking a cake, and the 3 of us were watching.  (We were very easily amused.)  My sister was watching the mixer, a bit too closely as it turned out, and her hair got caught in the beaters!    I guess she was 3-4 at the time, and screamed bloody murder and dad decided that children, no matter what age, did NOT belong in the kitchen.   So I never learned to cook beyond what I listed above.  Ummmm….I had a point, I promise.  Oh yeah,  Men.  My grandaddy made a comment to my sister(in my absence) that it had been 6 months, I needed to get over it, and that I shouldn’t be avoiding everyone.  I decided not to go to Thanksgiving this year, because I wasn’t sure I was ready to see my nephew yet.  This was almost 2 weeks ago.  I saw him for the 1st time yesterday.  I feel better for having seen him, but I simply didn’t feel that a holiday dinner with 40 other people and various new significant others was the place to have done it.  The poor people should really be given a chance to know us before the true insanity comes volcanoing out, in my opinion.  And I wasn’t really in the mood for a nervous breakdown.  And then my grandaddy said that.  I was glad I didn’t go, cause I probably would have ended up on the news!!!   Mom always said I was destined to, but “Granddaughter knifes Grandfather for butting his ass in where it didn’t belong”  might not have put me in the best light in the media.  Got to think of the image, ya know.  My grandmama had a miscarriage in between Dad and Aunt J, but there were 5 other kids to attend to.  She didn’t have time for the amnesiac depressive fugue breakdown she deserved.  I, on the other hand, had nothing else to distract me except for 2 very ill-behaved canines that in all honesty irritate the hell out of me because they can’t figure out the potty-training thing, and can’t remember to run under the hose and shower off before they come in the house.  I’ve threatened to house-break some of my husband’s friends the same way if they continue to act like they didn’t have parents.  I, unfortunately, had nothing else to do but dwell.  I think I’ll call Daddy and have him tell GD to back off and Butt Out.  What do you think?  Men in that generation get very uncomfortable talking about mental illness, girly parts, babies (unless it’s to show off how virile and manly they can be to spread the seed far and wide), and generally anything that doesn’t have to do with old cars, and fish stories.  Being a nurse, I decided a very long time ago not to be embarrassed about a lot of things.  If I can do it with my prudish upbringing, so can society at large, dammit.

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