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{December 12, 2008}   Dumb shit

Still bitter.  Only now, am bitter and pissed off at husband for being on the phone talking about stupid non-life-threatening car parts at 730 pm when he is supposed to be in bed at 4ish.  I cannot believe he’s putting his job and possibly his life at risk for some stupid car parts and a conversation with a complete idiot.  Does he not realize he could fall asleep at the wheel?  I cannot believe I married someone who would do something so stupid!!!  I have high expectations of people I care about.  I should not have to think for them.  They should think for themselves and not do stupid, ascinine things that make me worry about dumb shit like that!!!  Oh, yeah, and I still want the IUD back in.  I realized today what was pissing me off about that whole situation.  I was a labor nurse!  I knew what a risk a woman undertook when she went to get pregnant.  I KNEW!!   Then, I got this thought in my head that ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to have a baby?’  and look where it got me!!!  JUST LOOK!!  I’m depressed, angry, miserable, and formerly pregnant.  I knew better and did it anyway.  Now who’s stupid, huh?  That’s what pisses me off.


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