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{December 19, 2008}   In which my Stupid Quotient has been met

Yesterday, I was working in the surgery center upstairs from the Main OR of my hospital.  I don’t like working up there on principle, because we don’t have the regular staff, and nothing is stocked in the supply cabinets.  At least not appropriately.  Well.  We had a staff member stick herself with a contaminated needle.  Sooo we had to start the whole process of drawing blood from the patient and sending her for a blood draw, etc,etc.   (To test for STD’s and other communicable diseases, for you non-medicos.  I get told “English, please” a lot, so if I’m being too informational, please let me know.)  Naturally, we didn’t have the correct tubes for the blood to be sent in, so I had to send someone for them while I, oh I don’t know, did my job and cared for the patient, maybe?  Anyway, the lab thought that doing their job was beneath them, because they had my courier person call up to the unit and ask “What do you want it for?  We aren’t supposed to give them out.”  That is the 1st stupid thing I encountered that day.  I’m sorry, but if someone asks for something that it is your job to provide, you don’t ask for a long dissertation on the reason why, you just provide it.  Dammit.  Actually, let me back up.  Another nurse answered the phone and fielded this question.  Now, I’d already explained what had happened, and requested that these people please handle this, as I was busy with MY job.  So she should have been able to handle this with some aplomb and assurance, but apparently, this was beyond her.  Example:  This nurse then says over the phone “I don’t know what they want the tubes for, let me ask.”  She then turns and asks me “What y’all want ’em for?  You gonna put blood in ’em?”  I know my face gave away what I was thinking, because I was trying really hard not to say “If I have to answer that, I’m f—— going home.  You have been a nurse longer than I’ve been out of diapers, and you’re honestly asking that question?”  This was when I decided that my stupid quotient had been overflowed.  Even if she hadn’t already been apprised of the situation, which she had, she should have known what we wanted blood tubes for.  So then I went back to the OR and had to hold my tongue until I was sure I could tell the story without breaking out in hives from frustration.  AAAARRRRGH!!!  What else do you do?  Like that comedian says, you can’t fix stupid.

The next stupid thing that happened was that my shoe broke.  I’m not talking about a pair of heels.  I’m talking about my $130 pair of danskos that I wear for work.  These shoes are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned, due to the rubber sole that cushions your whole body and provides unparalleled arch support.  I’ve seen people wear these shoes for 6-7 years before they have to go buy more.  I’ve had mine 1 year.  And the left shoe broke, right across the ball of the foot.  All the way down to the insole.  Now, I email the company, and explain all of this, even providing pictures of the shoe to demonstrate this manufacturing defect, and they try to tell me that it’s normal wear and tear.  However, they then tell me that they will be happy to replace the shoes THIS time at no cost, and cannot be expected to provide this courtesy to anyone else, or ever again for me.  Wow.  If it’s really normal wear and tear, why replace, and if it’s not, why not admit it and THEN offer to replace the shoes?  I don’t get it.  Some people apparently had no mamas.  Mine raised me right.  If I mess up, I’ll admit it.  Hell, sometimes I even admit it if I didn’t do it.  The southern way, and all. Be nice at all costs, but if you can’t say something nice, Come sit by me!  Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite movies.  I’m currently scratching my watch.  Hmm…maybe I can get my husband to wind my butt and work on that whole child bearing thing?  Heh, heh.  I guess I shouldn’t get too picky, though.  I am getting new shoes, after all.


Thanks for this post, I’ll have to keep it bookmarked so I can link it when some loony throws up on my blog.

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