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{December 20, 2008}   Shopping and Attention

I always thought I hated shopping.  I can never find something that fits when I have money to spend, and I’m broke when the perfect outfit is on sale.  I hate crowds, because I inevitably get stuck behind the old lady with the walker who can’t move at more than a pet rock’s pace, and I have very little time to spare.  However.  Today, my husband told me (woke me up from a deep sleep, mind you) that if I wanted to complete my Christmas shopping, today was the day.  Ok.  I got up, got ready, let the dogs out, and back in,  and got to the mall by 0830.  Kinda surprised that the mall was open that early.  I worked in a mall my entire high-school and college career, and we never opened before 9am.  Anyway, luckily he had texted me a list of stuff he wanted, cause I never would have thought of most of this stuff on my own.  I never know what to buy him, cause he likes stuff that deals with car parts and gadgets.  I am totally gadgetally disinclined.  I have to have my husband program the DVR for me.  I can push the buttons on my car stereo.  My current cell phone is one of those QWERTY keyboard ones, but I don’t know what half the buttons do.  I can text and hit send, and dial a number.  That’s it.  So, I went to the mall with my list, and spent my limit in 1.5 hours, and got a lot of stuff!  I’m so proud.  I really think he’s gonna like it.  I just hope it all fits!

So yesterday, I was sitting with 2 of my male co-workers.  Now, keep in mind that I think dirty old men are highly amusing.  So I was getting a lot of attention just because of their state of being.  However, they totally made my day.  I’m just not used to getting a lot of attention, other than the D.O.M. kind mentioned above, because there are a great plethora of young, single, early twenty-somethings working where I do.  Who are not nearly so naive as I am, if you know what I mean.  And they are very willing to practice their arts and talk about them candidly.  So I’m usually pretty low on the radar.  I don’t believe in “getting your honey where you make your money” and I don’t play the “office affair” game, either.  However, I’ve lost 25 pounds recently, and have begun to feel better about myself in general.  These 2 guys told me that I was the hot topic of conversation in the last couple of weeks and that “everyone” was commenting on my “ahem.”  I was shocked.   I asked several times, “Really?  Are you serious?”  How funny.  I thought I was just part of the woodwork!  It was very flattering. (dances the booty dance and giggles.  I don’t need much provocation.)  What can I say, I’m easy to please, I guess.  My husband always teases me about my “doctor boyfriend,” but trust me, it’s not what people think it is.  I tell him I can barely deal with him, why in the hell would I want two men?  I wouldn’t have a doctor for a husband or boyfriend because they’re never home, and they’re married to their jobs.  I gotta have a companion, not a bank account.  Sorry, like I said before, I guess my mama raised me right, after all.  Some things are more important than money.  If someone at work actually hit on me, I wouldn’t know what to do!  I’d probably laugh and hurt their feelings unintentionally because I thought they were joking.  Oh, well.  Actually, I think it made my next 5 years, not just my day!


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