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{December 21, 2008}   Christmas

Ok, I think I maaaaay be getting into the Christmas spirit after all.  Y-chromosomal unit was amazing and picked out clothes for me and did a wonderful job, even on sizes!!  No, I don’t think he’s gay, seeing as we, well, you know, added to our packages last night, much to the satisfaction of everyone involved.  But he’s just great on taste for clothes, I guess.  I’m not complaining about a thing.   Anyway, I didn’t know this, but he waaaay overspent the budget and had been planning a surprise for me all along.  He bought me a beautiful pendant with many sparklies and lots of yellow stuff, like I like.  Yes, another one.  A girl can’t have too many, after all.  Mix and match with the outfit.  I have a friend who’s a jeweler, and he makes me stuff.  Anyway, a few years ago, I got a blown up engine for my birthday and Valentine’s day (close together, not the same day), and I told him that after that, only jewelry would be acceptable.  Needless to say, I was not happy with the turn of events that brought it about.  Something about a corvette and a pissing match, I don’t know.  So, now I think he’s afraid to come home with anything else.  They’re trainable, girls!!  Now, if we could just solve the matter of the toilet seat and the clothes hamper, we’d be in business.  He really liked his gifts, too.  I still can’t believe my grown-ass husband wanted a Guitar Hero World Tour kit, but there it is.  I also dressed him well, and added to his favorite liquor stash.  Grey Goose, in case anyone’s interested.  He had the best fun putting the thing together.  He saw the receipt, which I had kept in case I needed to return it, and almost wet himself.  He kept telling me he had no idea it was that expensive.  Too late now, I told him.  Anyway, that’s our Christmas.  We had kinda planned on those things anyway, because we needed them, (well, not the jewelry and video games) but that’s all we could muster after the plumbing.  We did buy my stepson a couple of things, but that’s it.  Period.  Merry Christmas!! Shitters are full!!


Geohde says:

Wishing you a safe and happy silly season.

Much love,


May says:

Wheee! Happy Christmas!

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