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{December 21, 2008}   Laundry

YCU that lives in my house has demanded requested that I wash his uniforms.  I’ve always said that I don’t mind doing his laundry, and I don’t since I have to do mine anyways and, being cost-conscious in these times of high fuel prices, we can save water.  Well, we’ve been married 7 years, and after 7 years of requested improvement in the “hitting the hamper with the dirty clothes” department and getting ZERO response, I decided it was high time we remedied the situation.  My husband makes a trail as he enters the house.  Shoes by the door, hangs coat up, remarkably, socks under the coffee table, man-panties in the hallway, clothes NEXT TO the hamper for me to pick up on the way to the laundry room, I assume.  Am I drawing you a clear picture, here?  So, after this long , I was getting fed up.  I started throwing everything I found that wasn’t in the hamper under the bed.  After approx 3 weeks, he started noticing that his clothes were missing.  I asked him if he’d been getting his clothes in the proper receptacle, to which he answered “Uh,I don’t know.”  So I told him that if he couldn’t absolutely confirm that he’d gotten them in there, that I would begin looking under the bed, as that was where I’d been putting everything improperly placed.  After much expleting and ranting, you want to know where his clothes are now?  You guessed it.  In the hamper.  Heh.  Maybe I should permanently superglue the toilet seat in the proper position.  Would solve that problem, too.  Stay tuned…


May says:

This is my usual husband-training tactic. This and going ballistic on a first offence. Being a man, even a very nice one, he is impervious to hints, polite requests, less polite requests and demands, so I discovered it saves a lot of time to shout at once. And thus I trained him to wash the outsides of saucepans as well as the insides, to remove his hair from the comb, to pair his socks or never get a matched pair to wear, and to iron his own damn shirts.

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