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{December 22, 2008}   Culture clash?

Ok, I’ve gotten some comments on my blog and am all ecstatic and stuff!!!  However, I gotta ask some questions.  May said she trained her husband to wash both the insides and the outsides of the pots.  Do they not have dishwashers in the U.K.?  No modern conveniences?  I’ll have to visit some day and find out.  I suppose, if I had to and was having a nightmare, I could imagine cleaning house without technology, but it’s too scary!  May you are a brave, brave woman.  I really like that robot on tv that roams around your house and vacuums for you.  Too expensive, though.  Just 3 easy payments of 1 million dollars each, or something like that.  (Sighs)  I’m doomed to cleaning my own house until I can finagle the budget to get a cleaning lady for my birthday.  Maybe my new-found skills will help me bribe the YCU?


May says:

Of course we have dish-washers in the UK! Heh heh. But not all of us use them. Especially not those of us who live in rented accomodation and have to just live with the plumbing as is. Also, I’m a hippy, and prefer not to do things that use up a ton of water and energy and chemicals to get the same results as 30 minutes in a sink with a wee dab of dish-soap and a good sponge, followed by a hot water rinse. And I grew up without mains water, gas, or electricity in a farmhouse up a mountain, but this is NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF EUROPE. This is my family being very very mad. Most Europeans have every modern convenience you can possibly imagine. Even CSI on the television.

More on Culture Clash – I find it bizarre that so many even really nice American apartment buildings have laundry facilities in the basement and NONE IN THE INDIVIDUAL APARTMENTS. I gave up living like that when I left university. I am absolutely not prepared to share laundry facilities. I am an adult. No one at all else gets to interfere with my underwear. Urgh. Shared laundry is just… wrong. Where we use more time to do dishes, we save time in not heaving our clothes and bedding all the way down to a basement and then having to stand guard over it in the machine so some creep doesn’t sneak in and steal your favourite bra (this totally happened to me) (it was black and lacy. Figures).

May says:

Oops. Sorry about the essay.

Val says:

When we visited the UK, I was dismayed by the:
A.) tiny cars
B.) narrow roads
C.) no dishwasher at my MIL’s house, which put me on dishwashing duty for 2 wks
D.) tiny washing machine/no clothes dryer (hello clothesline!)
E.) short beds
I luxuriated in the space & breadth of Home Sweet Home when we returned, lemme tell ya!

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