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{December 23, 2008}   My husband has made me a bully.

How is that, you ask?  Let me explain.  I had this boyfriend, a loooong time ago, who was a complete _______.   Again,please be creative.  I dated him for 4.5 years.  I was between the ages of 16-21, and had stars in my eyes.  Yes, these stars had gold around them and long white dresses in accompaniment.  (Self flagellation in order, but will take it away from the prying eyes of the internet.)  Each and every time I was thiiiiiis close to kicking him to the curb, he would bring up that subject and, I of course, would forgive him and wait patiently until he was ready to take that step.  It was all about him, see.  I wasn’t ready, either , but what did I know?  I was just here for the jewelry.  We’ve talked about that addiction before. I sooo need rehab.  Anyway, the crowning moment of our relationship was one night in the summer.  We’d had a date that night, but just as I was crawling out of the shower, the phone rang.  My sister had been in an accident and was on her way to the hospital to have her bones put back in her leg.  Sorry for the visual, I do this for a living.  Just skip over.  So I, naturally, raced to his house and told him to get his ass in the car, we had to get to the hospital.  Now.  He looks at me and asks “What?”  I repeated myself, verbatim, and opened the passenger door.  He climbs in, all the while saying “Why?  There’s nothing you can do there!”  (It still wasn’t registerring what he was saying.  In a hurry.)  I raced to the hospital and we waited till she was out of surgery.  She did fine, and became the batty cute catlady we all know and love.  As he (stupid) and I left the parking garage, he says “I can’t believe OUR evening was ruined because YOUR stupid sister can’t drive.”  Yeah.  Charming.  I know.  Can you believe it?  I dumped him shortly, thereafter.  It wasn’t very long after that I started dating my husband.  I’d already met him the year before, when I was still engaged to dumbass.  My husband was a real sweet pea, and picked me up, took me out, AND paid for the date.  I didn’t know what to do with  myself.  He even listened to what I had to say and didn’t think (or say) I was stupid.  Little did he know, he created a monster.   I think back on dumbass and am amazed at myself.  He did and said things I wouldn’t let a total stranger say to me now, much less someone I was in the car with, or, ostensibly, was going to marry.  What was I thinking?  Ugh.  That wasn’t nearly all of what he said and did over 4.5 years, just a prime example.  I’ve always appreciated my husband and was glad he was around.  I guess I can thank dumbass for that!  On the flip-side, YCU really has created a monster.  Now, he has to put his hand on my arm and whisper soothingly if someone leaves tomatoes on my salad.  I’ve always been a bit high strung, but I guess my confidence needed a hammer to bang out the dents.  Well, it’s undented and painted a bright, loud shade of glaring red, now.  I scare people.  I scared a security guard at a hospital I worked at once.  (Keep in mind, I’m 5’2″ with my shoes on, and (now!) 135 pounds.  Totally intimidating, I know.  Someone once told me that if they’d never met me, and only heard my voice, they’d think I was 6 feet tall.)  More on that story later…..  Toodles!


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