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{December 24, 2008}   Oatmeal butterscotch cookies are the bomb.

Baking now.  Cooling on the rack, tempting me.  No!  Must leave some for family gathering later.  If anyone wants to know, use the recipe out of Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook (red and white checkered)  and add 1 cup of Butterscotch chips in the mix.  Bake @ 375 and Enjoy!  Baking sausage balls at Grandma’s later.  Best when fresh!  Shitters are definitely full!!!  Meeeeeerrrrry Christmas!!!  Aaaand I took call thinking that there was another team working so I wouldn’t have to, and voila!  My plan worked perfectly.  Hee hee heee!  (Wild cackle )  Yeah, I’m in it now.  Ch. sp.  Not saying it for fear it’ll go away!  Love y’all!  Happy Holidays!

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