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{December 26, 2008}   Post Holiday Euphoria

Santa was good to me this year.  No coal!   Not that I found anyway.  I got lots of good gift cards, and some cash.  Along with all the other goodies I told you about.  My MIL even gave me a $100 bill in my Christmas card!  I almost gave it back to her and told her there were too many zero’s!  (Almost.  I’m not that honest.)  I plan to purchase some (smaller!) clothes for work, some new bras ( I think I told you how hard I seem to be on bras.  If not, I’ll elaborate later.), and some more pretty jeans like what my husband bought me.  Oh, and Happy Birthday Jesus!  Just in case I forgot.  Ok, now back to me.  My MIL was reasonably well behaved!  I was SHOCKED!  I didn’t even want to kill her.  Not even once!  How odd.

So, about my tits.  I was a d-cup in 8th grade.  13 years old.  Yep.  Thought I was a freak cause no one else had ’em.  I am also pretty slim around resulting in great difficulty finding bras that fit and that are pretty.  I don’t like the over-the-shoulder boulder holders like my grandmothers wear, but I really have trouble getting the uplift I need from the other kind.  My best friend, L, says I look like I’m gonna fall over.  Really, girls, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  Grass is always  greener, I guess.  I just want clothes to fit properly, and not have to buy a bigger size to accommodate for the “offending appendages.”  Oh, well.  I went shopping 2 years ago for bras, and actually managed to find several in my size that fit and were different colors, and were pretty, AND gave me the lift I was looking for!  I bought them all.  Don’t look at me like that!  You know you’ve done it for fear they’ll discontinue it before you can get back!  If you don’t buy them all at once, you may never find another one!  Anyway, I took them up to the counter, and told the lady “I think I’ll be good for a couple of years, now.”  She said, “A couple of years?  Try 3 months, honey.”  Before I could stop myself, I said “3 months?  What are you doing in your bras?  Skydiving?  And missing the mark?”  As usual, when my personality has overwhelmed someone, she just stared in shock and awe that I could be that blunt.  Alas.  FIM (foot-in-mouth) disease strikes again. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.  I’ll probably find nothing since I have money to spend.

My scrub pants are all hanging on me and my thighs are rubbing together at the most uncomfortable region (read crotch hanging almost to my knees), so I must purchase some new.  I’ll have all my money spent before lunch.  Oh, yeah, speaking of lunch, I got several gift cards for my favorite restaurants!  Remember, I don’t cook.  Much appreciated.

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