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{January 1, 2009}   Doing ok today.

Many thanks to those who have offered support for me over the last few days.  Today was better.  I didn’t have to gird my loins just to get out of bed, so I think of that as a victory.

In other news, I had to prove to my husband that his “noxious gaseous eruptions” were at toxic levels today.  He thinks it is funny to let one rip in public, when all it does is make people wonder what the hell died in the area.  I counted 13 in just under 2.5 hours.  The car even retained some of the odiferous aroma.  He finally gave in and admitted that it was just disgusting. Why is it that you have to draw a map with written instructions to get a man to understand what you want?  All I wanted was for him to go somewhere besides next to me, or at least give me some warning so I can prepare.

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