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I don’t mean to be, but no one lives in my house but me, YCU, and the assorted canines, so I forget that I’m nekkid half the time.  I find that I constantly have to explain the state of nekkidness to people.  This is exactly the same as being naked, but with mayhem on the brain.  Orgasmic mayhem.  (Visuals, visuals.  You dirty, horny people.)  After carrying out this OM as I’m abbreviating it, I tend to forget to put a bathrobe on, go to let the dogs out, and then and only then do I realize that I’ve walked by every open blind in the house.  YCU is constantly opening them.  I want them closed all the time so that I can streak in private, but I think he’s trying to see if he can piss the neighbors off even more by flashing.  Stay tuned…

{January 8, 2009}   Laziness

I don’t understand laziness.  I just don’t.  At least, not at work.  It’s one thing to be lazy at home when you’ve got a whole list of other fun things to do around the house other than clean the toilet that you didn’t mess up in the first place.  At work, however, they are paying you to do a job and provide some service for someone somewhere.  Which generally requires that you do it without whining, bitching, or stalling!!  If I encounter one more lazy person today, I’m going to lose it.

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