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{January 11, 2009}   Sorry… I’ve been dealing with Rain Man Chronicles

I’ve been a bit silent these past few days, but really, I solemnly swear that…I’ve been up to nothing.  I have the most boring life.  But, last night I succumbed to some serious giggles.  Now, keep in mind, that I would NEVER make fun of someone who was trully unfortunate, but my husband is not one of those people, so I feel no remorse whatsoever making fun of him.  I’ve laughed at my husband for years because he has a face of rubber, sort of like Jim Carrey.  It’s funny.  Especially when he’s lost in thought and has no idea anyone’s looking.

So.  Let me set the scene.  Post-coital bliss.  Cuddling, kissing, you know the drill.  This was on the couch in the living room.  We watch the highly disappointing Titan’s game and go to meet some of his car friends.  We get home, head to bed, and realize that I had taken the sheets off for the semi-weekly washing.  Not a Martha, folks, sorry.  So we make up the bed, coit again, and he gets up to go to the potty.  I look over, and he’s standing there, head cocked to the side, looking at I don’t know what, rocking back and forth looking for all the world like the Rain Man!!  Whilst relieving himself.  (We are not a shy couple.  I’ve discovered that some people are.  Whatever.  Just clean up.)  I got tickled.  Really tickled.  Face red, bent over laughing because it got funnier when he showed just how clueless he was.  “Huh?  What?”  I tell him, he makes his angry face, and then he pouts, which is even funnier.  Extra children, remember?  These are the little moments that make all of the picking up, cleaning up, and following around after him almost worth it.  Almost.

On a different note,  we’ve heard nothing from the MIL lately.  Very strange.  She can usually be counted on to call 1st thing on Sunday.  Like 8am.   Hasn’t done that in a couple of weeks.  Probably just jinxed myself.

Oh, yeah.  And I’ve still not started my period.  Spotting here and there, but nothing yet.  Wish me luck!!  (Think gestating thoughts, think gestating thoughts, think pregnant thoughts, think pregnant thoughts…)  Send me some baby dust!  Toodles!


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