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{January 12, 2009}   Did I mention TF?

She’s hitting the window. I must have sprayed Windex and forgotten. Maybe she’ll eventually squash herself. I keep seeing what I think is blood, sort of brownish pink. But it stops and starts. Stops and starts. And then stops and starts some more. Today was heavier, hence my earlier post, then nothing. I’ve read up on this, and it could be my period, or it could be implantation. That didn’t happen till like 6 weeks last time, so I’m really confused. Is this egg heavier than the last one? Therefore falling harder, as it were? Now I’m officially in hover mode, and not liking it. Did I mention I was just a hair impatient? Yeah. Oh, Enna, I hope your baby/fairy dust is working!!! I’ll keep you posted! Maybe God isn’t having a laugh at me after all. Just wanted to remind me he was there. And listening. So mind your manners.


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