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{January 12, 2009}   Pregnant thoughts fuck with the concentration

Wow.  I just looked at my blog stats.  Wow.

Ok.  You know how yesterday, I was thinking pregnant thoughts?  Well.  YCU has always said I was a moron for over planning and overthinking things.  Today was the 1st time I agreed with him.  I spent last night poking my boobs to test for soreness.  Still can’t tell.  POAS this morning.  Negative.  Shaved one leg and not the other this morning!  Yeah, how’s that for distracted?  Started planning what I would tell him/her when they asked me where babies came from!  Caught myself actually planning Christmas with my brother’s family!  Hope has bitten me on the ass.  What am I doing to myself!  I know that the day T.F. shows up I’ll be in the bed crying.  And I’m still thinking and planning. Oh. My. God.  Still no signs of the Tampax Fairy.  I do not understand my uterus.  I’m wearing my “pretty knickers” as May says.  Go ahead.  I dare ya.


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