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{January 14, 2009}   Tales from the…gullet?

Took my husband in for an EGD.  Basically they shot a camera down his esophagus and looked at his whole digestive tract.  They had to give him enough meds to knock a horse over.  He keeps telling me he’s fine, arguing about his ability to drive, and then asks me the same questions over again.  Bet he’ll listen to me next time and opt for general anesthesia.  Results, you ask?  He’s got GERD.  Well, bust my buttons!  Why didn’t you say so?  (Movie reference, anyone?)  We already knew that.  Oh, and the whole reason I’m blogging about this?  Remember a few posts ago when I told you I spent the whole day disparaging my husband’s gaseous eruptions from the nether regions?  Yeah.  I heard the MD and the nurses talking about the “Big Stinker” in the back.  I knew immediately.  Shall have to tell him when he regains use of his faculties.

In other news, well, there’s no news.  However, I can’t go on thinking this is just spotting if it continues.  I’ll just have to assume that my Ute is an idiot.


They have a lot of great meds for that these days. Just make sure he keeps taking them. Men will take them till they feel better then stop. Hope he feels better. I think stress makes that stuff worse for guys.

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Nina says:

Isn’t that the truth. I’ve sat on him for years to do what he’s told by the doctors. He, of course, thinks he’s better than that. When his gallbladder needed out, it took him 6 (count them, 6) hours to decide that maybe I was a nurse and knew what I was talking about. Hence the category: Boys are stupid.

Nina says:

And you’re welcome!

May says:

If he takes the meds until he feels better and then stops all of a sudden… he’ll feel like hell. I know. I have GERD too – a mild case, and coming off the proton pump inhibitors was like being set on fire from the inside out. (I’m off them for good, now. I control it by not eating things that annoy it and (blush) losing a bit of weight).

Anyway. what with all that stress to deal with, I’m not surprised the Ute is behaving idiotically. I hope it starts to behave beautifully right now this minute.

Nina says:

Thanks, May. Sorry for the late reply, been dealing with other stuff. Oh, and it did, almost immediately. See my post: I can tell now.

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