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{January 16, 2009}   Apologies, everyone.

My profound apologies for last night’s post.  I was very angry, and hope that I didn’t offend anyone.  I really meant that conversation to go on in my head, and directed at the people trying to comfort me in the flesh, not all of you.  So again, sorry!!!  While still not pregant, I’ve got to come to terms with the fact ahead of time, and try to prepare, instead of focusing on that and losing all perspective.  This is really hard.  I’m really not good at following my own ass-vice.


Britt says:

I like this post. Its real.

Nina says:

I’m a pretty real person. I will talk about just about anything, but I don’t want my co-workers knowing about my underwear. Strange, huh? For some reason I can’t comment on your blog. I tried this am.

May says:

You don’t have to apologize for your rage and grief. You have totally EARNT the right to be angry, and curse and shout. After all you’ve been through *hugs*.

Nina says:

That’s so sweet! (At the risk of sounding like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.) Many hugs in return. I sometimes need to vent too, I guess. You’re right, I shouldn’t feel guilty about my feelings, they are mine whether anyone likes them or not. Dammit!

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