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{January 19, 2009}   Family Vacations

Oh we went on many of those.  Usually to somewhere beachy.  I’m ready again.  I just got back from Myrtle Beach in July, but I want to go again. This was one of the pleasant memories.  However, one year, Granddaddy had the awesome idea that we should all go to Panama City Beach, and stay in a rented condo.  Yeah.  My dad has 6 brothers and sisters.  They have on average 2 kids each, with spouses.  Not everyone went, and there were 22 people staying in 1 condo.  Pleasant.  Never again.

My dad never thought you had to make reservations.  Ever.  We would drive everywhere, too, because Dad was cheap.  Did I mention he was cheap?  Cause he was cheap.  So anyway, one year, (just the 5 of us, this time) we had driven most of the night, because Dad also didn’t like traffic, and we were all tired.  We had made plans to go to Fort Myers, Fla. to visit family.  Because Dad was so tired, (yeah, he didn’t want Mom to drive because he thought she would get us lost) we started looking for a motel to spend the rest of the day and night in.  We drive and drive because there was some kind of ballgame or huge event in the town we were in, so everything was booked.  Dad’s getting more tired and irritable as the day goes on, and finally just gives in and rents a room at a “Bates Motel.”  You know, from Psycho?  Anyway, we sleep there, it was on the beach, and not soooo bad.  However.  It had a wierd shower.  The hot was the cold, the cold was the hot, and in general, the plumbing was screwed up.  (Are you sensing a theme to this blog?)  I took the 1st shower in the morning, and figured the plumbing out pretty quickly.  After everyone else was ready, and we were packing up to continue our trip, Dad says something about complaining to the manager.  I asked him what for, and he told me about the plumbing.  I said, “Yeah, you had to turn it all the way to cold to get hot water.  Wierd.”  My whole family turns around and is really pissed off that I didn’t explain the “destructions” to anyone else. Well, I figured it out, so I just assumed that they all would!  So.  That story of how I got a hot shower when no one else did has become the stuff of legend.  Heh.  I can’t help being awesome and thinking outside the box!


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