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{January 19, 2009}   YCU

Okay, so like, last night the YCU was saying “You probably talk some crazy shit about me on there, don’t ya?  You probably tell everyone how I talk bad to you, and am mean to you and everything.”  I had half a mind to tell him that if he was worried, maybe that told of a guilty conscience?  But I held that in (Yay me!!) and I told him it wasn’t anything I hadn’t told him already (which it wasn’t).  He talked around the subject for a few more minutes, and I can’t stand it when he does this.  I like him to say what he means.  I don’t like having to figure out if he’s really curious or not, or if he’s really pissed off or not.  Just tell me already!!!  I finally threw up my hands and said “Fine.  You want to read it?  You can read the whole thing, or just pick out categories.  Have at it.”  (Fine.  The 4-letter word that automatically means it’s not fine.)  So he read it and acted like he was mad for a minute, and got over himself.  He bitches at me about being nosy and butting into his business, as if I’m not entitled to know all his nearest and dearest concerns, but let me really try to have something private and see what happens?  Yeah.  I’m gonna remember this.


May says:

Pffft. Men. NOT LOGICAL.

H always reads everything I write. It has actually been really useful, as he can see my point of view and where I’m coming from much more easily when he can read it all written down and thought about. And he can’t get defensive and selectively deaf with a blog post. Hah.

Nina says:

Does that “selectively deaf” thing ever make you want to light him on fire in his sleep? Or is that just me? I convert to “Loud Redneck Bitch” real fast when I think I’m being ignored. It’s really bad for his health. I hope he figures it out soon, or you all may see me on CNN News and World report!

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