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{January 23, 2009}   The Ute. A.k.a. Bastard Thing, Jr.

Several weeks ago, I purchased some ovulation pee sticks from some random Ebayer.  These things don’t come with instructions, so I’ve managed to figure it out on my own, thanks to the “Do not eat” silica gel packet, and the “max” line on the stick.  “There is no charge for awesomeness.”  That’s my new favorite line from the Kung Fu Panda.   Anyway, you know how I spotted and bled for like 2 weeks?  Yeah.  Today I peed on the stick and damned if I’m not ovulating today!!  I peed on 2 of them just to make sure!  I just quit expelling endometrium like 2 days ago!  What the f___!!!  Oh well, I got off early from work and indulged in a bit of marital bliss.  Hopefully, now that we know I ovulate 2 days after my period goes away, this will result in an occupied womb.  Unless, of course, my pee is lying to me, and I’m not really meant to be preggo after all.  Ever.  AAAARRRRGGGH!  Did I mention before that I was impatient and completely obsessive over this whole baby thing?  I’m not sure what changed in my life to make me want one so bad, but it just did!  I’ve learned entirely too much about fertility, folic acid, neural tube defects, fish, pre-natal vitamins, and fertile anomalies.  I’m tired.  I’m going to bed, hopefully to dream of baby dust, and would you all please send me some to add to my collection started by Enna?  Thanks.  Oh, and keep those feet ready to stomp on the ute when she acts up.  Bastard thing…Jr.

Valerie says:

*hurling baby dust at you with the force of a major-league pitcher*


lurves you, big sis.

Oh God, my pee lies to me all the bloody time! I do hope yours tells the truth!

Nina says:

Yeah, I think it was lying. I guess we’ll find out.

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