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{January 31, 2009}   “They poked their own friggin’ bear!!”

This line came from my sister.  We were discussing her, ahem, people-pleasing tactics when I cautioned her about further poking of the bear, as it were, and she came up with this gem!  She was getting a bit heated in the argument, and at this point, I began laughing uncontrollably.  She sometimes struggles with interpersonal interactions, given that she tends to be the quiet, morose, irritated (but holding it in because she wants you to think she doesn’t care) member of this family.  Whereas you might be a bit afraid of me, because I tend to let it all out with no filter, most times at an inappropriate moment.  Loudly.  Think megaphone mouth.  Yeah, you’ve got the visual now, I suspect.  Anyway, the laughter broke the tension nicely, and neatly segued into the next part of my big-sisterly talk about how we (the family in general) all think she’s hilarious, but she usually thinks we’re laughing at her or making fun of her.  So, I did my best to dispel this particular anxiety.  I explained that I really envy her sense of humor and ability to shoot off at the mouth in ways that I am just incapable of.  And trust me, I’m capable of a lot of attitude and sass when called upon, so just imagine it magnified times oh, say 12.  And that she tended to take concern as harsh criticism, rather than seeing that the person was just trying to help.  I was rather surprised to learn that she’d heard this before, from co-workers and others.  Of course, she told me that she was amazed that I saw and understood more things going on with her than she ever gave me credit for.  (I was a very self-absorbed teenager, but I’d like to think I was reasonably compassionate!)  So, I think that went well, don’t you?

Oh, yeah, and I really hate this 2 week wait thing.  Really, really, really, really hate it.  Like almost more than onions, Howard Stern, and just about anything besides country music.  Almost.


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