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{February 2, 2009}   Dinner Party

Tomorrow, we’re having my husband’s friends over for dinner.  I usually am not a fan of his friends, but these particular guys seem ok.  They let him use their shop to fix his car, so they can’t be all bad.  I still contend that the one needs a wife or a mama.  Bless his heart, he eats like shit, he’s skin and bones, he has what seems to be ADHD, but I don’t think he’s medicated, I think he’s about 27, and he looks about 16.  I’m not that much older than him, but every time I see him, he’s got some problem, medically or otherwise, that needs solving by, like I said, a wife or a mama.  He’ll probably eat me out of house and home, like some teenager.  Oh, well, he needs some groceries anyway.

In other news, I colored my hair back to it’s original color today.  Or, well, at least I tried.  My husband called it boring.  I’ll have to fix it next week.  He said to try red or black.  Does he think I’m a checkerboard?  He has the wierdest ideas.  He really liked the blonde, but it got too expensive to keep up.  I spent close to 500 dollars in the last 3-4 months trying to keep it up.  Not worth it.  Oh, well, he’ll get over it.  I don’t know what else to do, I’m not spending 200 dollars at the hairdresser’s for something I don’t like.  So there!

{February 2, 2009}   Ovulating, much?

Ok, so I POAS  this morning, and I’ve still got 2 lines.  I thought you were just supposed to ovulate for like 3 days or something.  I want a new ute.  Anyone want to trade?

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