Ninapintasantamaria's Blog

{February 3, 2009}   *pats self on back*

Well, dinner went over well.  Little skinny sweet pea that needs a mama/wife pronounced my lasagna “edible.”  Which, for him, is like doing backflips and ending up in begging position.  And rolling over.  I figured it was probably gourmet for a guy whose idea of great cuisine is a box of Velveeta Shells and Cheese.  And yes, they were nice.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Usually, I have to ask if that particular word was really necessary in reference to female genitalia?  Some of my husband’s friends need to be housebroken, but these guys apparently had mamas at some point, and knew how to act.  YCU is fat and sassy now, too.  Currently snoring next to me whilst watching Superbowl footage.  Yes, I know it was 2 days ago, but he Tivo’d it cause he had to go to sleep for work that night.  Bruce Springsteen is currently twirling his guitar and going to Disneyland.  Whatever.  If he’s going to sleep, I’m turning it off.  Not only did dinner go well, I got the house clean, made dinner, (ahem) satisfied the YCU on several points, and cleaned up the kitchen.  I’m thoroughly exhausted.  Going to bed now.  Toodles!


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