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{February 4, 2009}   Dumbasses wanted. Inquire within.

Ignorance with no effort to correct itself drives me up the wall.  Today, I was in Dr. R’s room.  Now, in Dr. R’s room, you can just expect to be sending lots and lots and lots of specimens to pathology for stat exams.  In order for him to know how to proceed with surgery.  I am in Dr. R’s room once, if not twice, each week.  I’m well aware of how to send specimens and all the paperwork that goes with each one.  Now, today, the surgeon told me about a specimen early, before he had it out of the body, and I had already written it on the paperwork.  He took the 1st specimen out and had me send that one before he could get the other out.  So I made a very clear notation on the paperwork “specimen to follow shortly!”  How much clearer could I have been?  So, later when I sent that specimen, I got a call from the path lab saying they were missing paperwork.  I explained very patiently (I had expected this because, bless them, they aren’t the brightest lights on the tree, if you know what I mean) that they already had the paperwork, that it had come over to them with the 1st specimen.  She tells me “they’ve already written on that one, we need another one.”  These sheets can handle up to 4 at a time.  I just slammed the phone down and began expleting loudly.  “Dammit, their inability to read is not my problem!  Do they have a big sign up somewhere reading “Dumbasses wanted?”  I do not have time to correct other people’s mistakes!”  I decided in my fit of anger that I’d best not call over there because I’d end up on the news or losing my job, or both.  I called my coordinator and had her do it.  However, it really didn’t help my mood, cause I didn’t get to holler at anybody.  That would have been better.  I really wanted to ask them (loudly) if they knew how to read and if it was somebody over there’s first day.  Common sense?  Thinking outside the box?  I just wonder if this was part of the job description, or if they just applied due to the sign.  I need tequila.  Preferrably in frozen strawberry mixtures.


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