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{February 5, 2009}   I love my attitude problem.

Oh.  My.  God.  Hands up everyone who thinks it’s ok to call someone at 1am, hear a voicemail recording, and then have the audacity to call back?!!  No one normal?  Yeah, I thought not.  Yes, another one of my husband’s stupid friends begging to be housebroken.  How dare he???  Better yet, how dare my husband not rip him a new asshole for doing it??!!  I did give him the chance.  I asked,very patiently, I might add, “Who the fuck is that calling at 1am?  Not family with a life-threatening emergency, you say?  Then who the fuck thinks that’s appropriate?  Do they not know we have jobs, and bills, and lives, and a house payment?  I bet they still live in their mom’s fucking basement!”  See?!!  Patient, I tell you!!  Patient!  I could have just grabbed the gun and started putting holes in the wall until whoever was on the other end became very afraid.  I didn’t do that, though, cause “Patience is a virtue!”  See, wasn’t I good?  Although, now, at almost 3am and not back to sleep yet, I’m not feeling very virtuous.  I did get the number out of my husband’s phone, however.  I’ve already called once and left a (very patient) message.  “Hi.  This is Nina ____, _____’s wife?  Yes, you called a little earlier with what I’m sure was an extremely life threatening emergency in another state at approximately 1am?  Yeah, I’m hereby politely requesting that you NOT DO IT AGAIN!!!”  I plan to call every hour on the hour today until I get results and an apology.  I hope I wake his dumbass up.  I should be a professional housebreaker for wives/girlfriends/mothers everywhere.  Moneyback guarantee.


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