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{February 8, 2009}   The girls, Part Deux

Still hurting.  But off and on.   I don’t remember that from last time, so it probably means I’m not pregnant.  Oh, Mrs. HFF?  Yeah, I don’t think pee can be made to tell the truth.  At least, I’m pretty sure mine has some sort of personality disorder.  Pathological Liar.  This all stems from the Ute.  The fucker.

Have to go and do taxes today solo, because YCU is still fucking with the car that just won’t run perfectly with parts that aren’t really meant to go on it in the first place, and he just doesn’t understand why they won’t work together.  Whew.  Even I ran out of breath on that one.  I’ll have to find a way to abbreviate.  T.C.t.j.w.r.p.w.p.t.a.r.m.t.g.o.i.i.t.f.p., maybe?  Still too long.  How about YCU’s boil on the butt of humanity that won’t go away?  I’ve got an answer for you puddin’.  It’s real easy.  Those parts that you are trying to make work together?  Yeah.  *clears throat whilst adjusting bullhorn* [loud feedback]: THEY WERE NEVER MADE TO GO TOGETHER!!!  SO QUIT FUCKING WITH IT, MAKE IT RUN CORRECTLY USING “MEANT FOR IT” PARTS, AND THEN LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!  FOREVER!!!!  He promises me he’s going to spend allllll next weekend kissing my ass.  Yeah.  We’ll see.  It’s Valentine’s Day and my birthday.  V. Day, all his friends will be out with their wives/girlfriends, so he won’t have anybody to hang out with except me.  Poor, poor, him.  My birthday he has to work, so I’m looking at a real fun weekend.  I swear, I’m going to buy me one of those things.  And then I’m going to use it.  At 1am, preferably.  You better hope I never run across one on sale.


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