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{February 9, 2009}   Huh. Surprise, Surprise.

My OB contiues to amaze me.  Not only was she sympathetic, she turned it into a pleasant experience.  This is why I love her.  I brought up all the things I wanted to, and she brought up some stuff Ididn’t expect.  I told her about my family history, and about the irregular periods, and about my suspicions of PCOS, and ovarian u/s.  And even Metformin.  She offered to test me for PCOS, but she said it was easier to just act like I did have it rather than confirm it, and that she was willing to try Clomid.  She said that u/s wasn’t usually conclusive, and that a blood test was needed.  She also said that she didn’t think I was insulin resistant, which I agreed, so she wouldn’t recommend Met. at all anyway.  I’m kind of surprised that she brought up Clomid, I expected to have to fight for any fertility help.  Now, I just have to call her on the 1st day of my period.  Damn!  I forgot to tell her about the breakthrough bleeding and spotting I was having.  ARRRSE!   I really love that word.  I’m stealing it permanently from May.  Oh, and I’m soooo glad that’s over.  Now, I have some control back.  That always makes me feel better.


May says:

Good. A sympathetic doctor is an excellent thing, and I am very glad she took you seriously and offered help. Fingers crossed.

Nina says:

Thanks! I’ll keep you posted!

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