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Little bitch. Hands up all who think it’s appropriate for YCU to be talking to a young 20-something girl about hot bodies and her girlfriends and her going to the salon? Nah, didn’t think there would be anybody. I found this IM when my laptop went tits up earlier. (I love that expression. I have to credit Geohde with it.) Bitch logged in as I was getting on the internet, and asked (I presume she thought it was him) why he wasn’t in bed. I wrote back “He is. This is Nina. You two have had quite the interesting conversation today.” She tried to play dumb and couldn’t remember what they talked about, so I reminded her. That wasn’t all of their conversation, but I’m just giving the overview. She then tried to say that their conversation constituted “gayness.” I stated “No, I don’t think Gayness enters into the equation here. I may be wrong, however. The definition could have changed since lunch. Last I checked, it meant two GUYS talking. Or fucking, as the case may be.” “True,” she stated. “Good. I’m glad we agree. Good night!” She better hope she’s not as stupid as I think she is. I know it was passive aggressive, but if she has any kind of brain, she’ll see that what was going on was inappropriate, and that I really wasn’t happy with it. She may not care about me, but she won’t forget me if we meet in the future, I guaran-fucking-tee that. As far as my husband is concerned. Well. You don’t want to know. And I don’t want to leave any evidence.

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