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{February 14, 2009}   Valentine’s Day is fun

I woke up this morning to my husband having gotten off early and stopping on the way home for roses and balloons.  He’s really a pick of the litter, even if he’s still in the middle of house-breaking!  Last night, I had a note from him on the stove when I got home.  He’d gotten over himself, and just said he didn’t like being accused of something he didn’t do.  I understand that. I told him my reasons for feeling the way I did, and everything was resolved.  I just wish he wouldn’t act that way in the first place.  He hates it when I’m right about things, and he lets it show.  Since I’ve been right several times in the past few weeks, he’s been in an increasingly foul temper.  Which of course, makes me irritable because he’s being childish.  To quote a movie I saw recently, “Someday he’s gonna be a fantastic grown-up.”


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