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{February 18, 2009}   I need a hysterectomy.

Or at least a uterine transplant.  I still haven’t been blessed by the TF, despite spotting off and on for the last 2 days.  *sighs*  Whatever.

So, today, I looked up in the middle of my case and realized that this patient’s chest was full of blood.  (It’s not supposed to be that way, in case you didn’t know.)  It looked like a volcano had erupted and was sending volcanic molten lava everywhere!  I looked around and no one seemed to be freaking out, so I just decided to quietly begin to get my supplies ready to open the chest.  (This was a case done through the scope.)  It was lucky I decided that, because just then, all hell broke loose.  I had to call for help, order blood, call for the anesthesiologist, open supplies, and I guess chart with my 6th hand.  The patient lived, and everything turned out ok, but good God!  I needed new girly drawers.


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