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{February 19, 2009}   I’m really a good mother.

I swear.  Would somebody let God know that, so he’ll quit totally cock-blocking me?  So today, I called my MD because guess what?  Yeah.  Tampax Fairy sprinkled her tampon dust on me.  No baby dust.  Just tampon dust.  {bitch}  But that wasn’t God’s fault.  Oh, no.  God dropped the ball by letting my insurance company not cover fertility services.  And requiring prior authorization before allowing my pharmacy to dispense the Clomid.  So I might not get to start it this month, after all.  Or ever, if God decides I’m a shitty mother and just forgets to tell me.  Lets me figure it out on my own.  Or tortures me and never lets me figure it out.  If it’s not the BTJr, it’s God trying to tell me something.  Maybe I should listen.


thedaythatidie says:

who’s the rabbit on steroids now? just relax and things will be fine. everything will just happen on its own, so why fret? 🙂

Nina says:

You made me giggle. It’s really hard to follow my own advice.

Pepper says:

Insurance is a pain in the arse! Not sure if it’s helpful, but I think Walmart offers clomid for $4 a prescription. Hope everything works out!


Nicole says:

Just FYI, most of the major retail chain pharmacies have generic clomid on their $4 or $10 RX lists. If your insurance doesn’t cover it, maybe you could get it at a retail pharm for a low price. Might be worth looking into?

Good Luck!


(from LFCA)

Hey there, over from Lost and Found. I haven’t read your whole situation, but if you didn’t know I wanted to tell you that you can get the Clomid (generic version) from Walmart for pretty cheap. That’s where I got mine, my insurance covers zilch when it comes to fertility stuff too.

Nina says:

Thank you all. I’ll keep this in mind. It may be that I don’t need my insurance after all if it’s really that inexpensive.

Yeah, Clomid is on Giant Eagle’s (a local grocery store with pharmacy) cheap drug list, in the $9/month category (so 100 mg for 5 days is 10 pills of 50 mg, which is two months worth = $18) Still only a little more expensive than my drug copay, so I’d look into it at walmart or sams or costco or the like.

Nice to read your blog, BTW, I hopped over from LFCA.

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