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{February 20, 2009}   No news.

I got told by at least 4 people today that I’d lost sooo much weight and looked really good.  This was sweet, but I’d really rather be so pregnant I can’t bend over.  Oh well.  Oh yeah, and no word on the Clomid from the insurance company.

Today I worked in Dr. B’s room again.  He started doing that thing I hate when I ask him a question about a specimen and he ignores me because he’s “concentrating.”  Yeah, whatever.  He’s sewing the skin.  He can do that and talk at the same time, I’ve seen him.  So, finally, after several attempts at getting a response and getting nothing accomplished, I told him “I’m sending the offending appendage to pathology.  What would you like me to call it?  [cricket….cricket]  “Ok.  No problem.  I’ll just make something up.  Yep, I’m calling it Clarence.  And yes, I’m sending it to the lab like that.”  The whole room cracked up.  He turned around and gave me “the look.”  Then he grinned, and finally answered me.  (Teach him to ignore me.  I’ll show him……)


geohde says:

I lost a lot of weight fast after my anencephalic pregnancy. People couldn’t work out why I’d wince when they told me how good I was looking….



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