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{February 21, 2009}   Smiles

Ok.  I called the pharmacy this morning since you all had such great advice, and you know what they told me?  They said that without insurance, my prescription was gonna be $9!!!!  Why didn’t they think to tell me this 2 days ago?  I’ve had more than my fair share of moments with this pharmacy.  Maybe I should switch.  The 1st time I couldn’t get the guy behind the counter to speak english long enough to answer my question.  (I think he was from Zambia or somewhere.)  The next time, I went to refill my husband’s blood pressure meds and the PHARMACIST couldn’t remember what drug class they were all in.  He was afraid my husband was taking too many of the same kind.  (He wasn’t.  I was the one who reminded the guy of the correct class.  Scary, huh?)  Then, 2 days ago, the stupid woman on the phone didn’t bother to give me the information on my prescription.  *sighs*  I am very grateful to God for coming through on this one, but do I have to do all the work when it comes to righting common sense?  Is that what I missed in Sunday School?  Smiles.  I’m getting my meds!  Screw the insurance!  Thank you, Jesus.

Valerie says:

Hurrah for finally getting your medicine! I am now showering you with copious amounts of baby dust.

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