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{February 23, 2009}   My husband is going to end up on tv.

On one of those shows about “Caught in the act,” or something.  Today in the grocery store, he was rubbing his ass on everything, trying to scratch without scratching, per se.  Then he started scratching with his hand.  Now, in the U.S., they actually watch everything with the “eye in the sky,” and then they’ll send the video in to win for money.  I warned him of this, and that just made it worse!   He started mugging for the cameras, making straining faces, etc.   He’s really rotten.  Seriously.  By this time, I’m laughing unintelligibly, trying to get him to stop before they threw us out of the store and we had to eat hot dogs again.  I then told him he was going to get a double mention because after scratching his ass, he then began fingering the cakes and cheeses in the deli.  {Voice announcer:  Remember the guy scratching his ___?  Here he is again, after walking all around the store, fingering the cakes and cookies your children will be eating tomorrow at the birthday party!}  Rotten to the core.  This is the shit that’s gonna give me gray hairs.


Valerie says:

I never understood before why so many people are growing their own food now. They must have all been grocery shopping with YCU.

ahahahahahaha hilarious!!

thedaythatidie says:

hahaha oh my gawd! what a weirdo.

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