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{February 26, 2009}   I’m cute, though, so I get away with it.

I came out with this gem yesterday after my entire team at work informed me (in stereo, no less) that I was “not right.”  In the south, this is how we tell people that they are incorrigible.  Generally misbehaved, and they’d beat me, but they’re afraid I might like it.  And they would be right.  I was telling everyone about my obsession with all things Conway Twitty and Trace Adkins, and they had the audacity to laugh at me, as if that weren’t totally normal.  I’m so glad no man ever sang to me like Conway, cause I’d have put a price tag on my neck saying “Free!”  Do what you want, take what you want, I’ll be over here in the floor in a puddle.  Melted like the Wicked Witch of the West.  Ohh.  He was so pretty.  He’s a little bit dead now, but when he was alive, he was hot.  I have numerous Conway CDs in the car right now.  It was a bawdy, rowdy room yesterday.  The scrub nurse was talking about how he makes a dish called Husband’s Delight.  I informed him that I’d heard of that, but it didn’t have anything to do with cooking.  I made him turn very red.  It was so funny.  Anyway, that was just a spattering of what went on.  Like I’ve said before, the OR is like Vegas.  What happens there, stays there.  I work with some characters.  Course, I’m one of them, most days.


‘Little bit dead…’

Love it!

Nina says:

You gotta remember, I only like movies that are older than I am. My husband laughs at me a lot. A LOT, because I really like old dudes for some reason. But only on TV. I’ve seen the real thing, not hot, I assure you.

thedaythatidie says:

haha so you’re into ancient thingies? by the way, thank you for asking about how i am. i’m okay, i have just been busy. by busy, i mean lazy. take care 🙂 and hi to the uniqueness!

Nina says:

No, no, no. Read the previous comment. I’ve seen the real thing, remember? Not. Hot. I don’t want to have to start a Viagra drip to keep ’em going!

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