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{February 27, 2009}   Hog-tie

I threatened to do just that to a doctor today.  He folded up his bloody gown and gloves and laid them on my desk.  Uh, gross!  So.  I educated him in linen hamper etiquette.  He told me I sounded like his wife.  I said “Really?  Your wife wants to hog-tie you with duct tape too?  Or tie a knot in a couple other things and hang you by it?  I can get really creative, but this was just the 1st thing that popped into my head.”  He decided to behave himself after that.  I get so tired of arguing with people.  My scrub nurse yesterday drove me nuts.   He kept putting trash in my sponge bucket, throwing stuff in the floor (I value my scrub nurses by how many times my ass has to bend over during the case.  He was worth -4.), and generally making an ass of himself.  I want a neat room that’s functional, safe, and convenient for everybody.  Is that really too much to ask?  I will never understand the goobers that walk in a room, rearrange everything to their satisfaction, where only they will be able to use it, and then scrub in and stand at the OR table the whole case.  I’m the one who has to work in the room, leave it where I put it!  Is this the mood swings from the clomid?  Or am I just grouchy?

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