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{February 28, 2009}   Breakfast

I don’t miss meals.  Ever.  So, today, I went and had breakfast with my mom, aunt, and sister.  You’ve all met my sister, she’s commented on here a few times.  Well, I had to relate the spiderpig story for Mom and E, and well.  Apparently, I get the “mood swing involving food thing” honest, cause this has happened to both of them, too.  They had a good, hearty laugh over it.  Loudly.  In the middle of Cracker Barrel.  My uncle has hidden certain favorite foodstuffs from my aunt (but not from himself, mind you, oh no, he doesn’t need to diet) and caught her re-hiding it after she found it too.  *sighs*

My husband has interesting friends.  We’ve established that.  He has this one friend who every time he comes over, he tests the door, and just walks in.  I finally told him today that someday it was gonna be bad.  One or both of us is gonna be nekkid one day when he walks in.  I really hope he’s not hoping for that.


thedaythatidie says:

haha you know such interesting people.

Nina says:

You would be correct. I am related to the funniest group of people. I have stories that make people just crack up. I should write a book.

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