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{March 1, 2009}   The dog needed a bath.

Last week.  Actually 1.5 weeks ago.  Now, I’ve asked my husband to please take over the bathroom cleaning duties so that the harsh chemicals don’t retard whatever pregnancy may ever be winging its way through my fallopian tubes at the moment.  So, naturally, when he gave the dog a bath in our tub, I assumed he’d get right on that seeing how that’s just gross.  Not to mention the fact that he likes my legs to be smooth, not prickly, so you’d think he’d be motivated in that train of thought too.  Nope.  I’m slowly beginning to see that if I ever want the trash taken out, smooth legs, a sanitary tub, or an unretarded baby I’m going to have to brave the chemicals myself.  I’ll just have to take the risk with the pregnancy part.  I cannot get him to understand the concept of “Get off your lazy ass and do it now, so your wife can shave her legs NOW!”  *sighs*  Maybe I will superglue the toilet seat in the proper position.  Or just start piling the trash in his car?  Somehow I will get the required results.  Stay tuned…..

Update:  Had to shave legs in the stand-up shower this am.  Looked like I was shaving the dog, since I was unable to get this accomplished for almost 2 weeks due to lack of clean facilities.  Have blogged about lack of coordination and balance before.  Didn’t bode well, you think?  You’d be right.  Came thiiiiiisss close to knifing the popliteal artery open and bleeding to death.  Psycho style.  (I hope he’s happy.)


thedaythatidie says:

You can’t really rely on people to do good things. *evil grin* Take it from me.

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