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Ok, with a nod to Geohde, I have to tell you about my search term list.  Today’s was mom fuck housebreaker.  Yeah.  Funny, huh.  Whatever.  Hope they found something useful here, otherwise, “Be gone!  Before someone drops a house on you, too!”

Anyway, we’ve been having “Jungle Love” this week.  Lots of Jungle Love.  Geohde once had an Agony Aunt edition where someone asked if Clomid caused gas.  Well, no, it doesn’t, but I think I may know where the question came from.  I’ve been having the most God-awful cramps the last 2 days.  It feels just like gaseous eruption warning signals, but without the end result.  If I do get pregnant, my child is coming out of my left ovary.  Well, at least he/she was yesterday.  Today, I decided I would having twiiiiiiiiiins! due to the opposite-sided cramping I was having.  Well, I’m destined to be different.  I’ll be the 1st person in my family to produce such a phenomenon, if that prophecy comes to pass!  YCU and I have given ourselves the monikers of ‘Jungle Monkeys.’  If we have multiples, we’ll really be up a creek.

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