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{March 8, 2009}   Rope Crotch hanging

That was the search term for this morning.  Apparently thinks I’m a sexual de.viant.  Whatever.

In other news, I hope there was a swimmer living up in there from Mon-Wed, cause we’ve had no jungle action for like 3 days.  He was rude one night, tired another, then yesterday, he broke his foot!  We’re having so much fun, I can hardly contain myself.  It’s all swollen up and purple.  Hoping to get him in to my orthopedic surgeon this week.  I think they’ll probably have to pin the metatarsal and big toe, but let’s all hope for the best, shall we?  He’s also bought himself some time off work.  *sighs*

Oh, yeah, and this morning, he decided to tell me that 2 of his friends got their girlfriends pregnant.  One is in no position financially or otherwise to take care of an infant, and the other one is engaged and owns his own business.  I requested (politely) that he please not tell me things like that.  It pisses me off.

battycatlady says:

Owww!! Breaking bones = no fun. I know. I did it. Hopefully YCU will heal faster than I did.

Nina says:

Hopefully. He’s in there howling in pain right now. He’s trying to get a bath without wearing his boot. I’ve already told him to just prop the boot on the side of the tub, but that, apparently, is beneath him.

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