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{March 10, 2009}   I swear to God.

I’m doing nothing but trying to help my husband and he keeps telling me to shut up and listen to the people with workman’s comp.  I am listening to the people and what they are saying is “I really don’t care about you, if you’re claiming workman’s comp, you must be a leach on society instead of trully injured.  We’re going to do our level best to send you to the shittiest, newest orthopedic surgeon on the planet because he’s cheap!  And you should be grateful for it!’  Bull-fuckin’ shit!!  Do you hear me?  Bull-fuckin’ shit!  Not only will he NOT talk to me like that, but I work with most of these motherfuckers.  Most of them are greedy, triflin’, shady creeps with no morals and no ethics.  There’s a few of them I wouldn’t let operate on my worst enemy’s dog’s ball sac!  I’m sure the fuck not gonna let some idiot take advantage of my husband just because someone in an office thinks they can screw good employees out of good medical care and a job!!  My husband is not a dopehead, a leach, or some lazy slacker looking for a easy payout from a lawsuit.  He not only likes his job, he’s good at it!  He’s very grateful for it!  He can’t help it that the damn floor jack wedged his foot between itself and a doorjamb.  It was an accident!  Not to mention how the walk-in clinic treated him when he called to request something else for pain.  I was so pissed off.  How dare they assume he’s some trashy addict drug-seeker!  Workman’s comp is supposed to protect the employee from all of this.  Workman’s comp was put in place so that the companies would have to make their workplaces safe environments and to take care of accidents.  I’m sooo ready to hire an attorney anyway, just so these people will get their heads out of their asses!  It’s pitiful when you have to throw a fit and hire an attorney just to get what’s basic and required of them anyway.  They are so gonna rue the day they tried to screw me.  And don’t worry, the husband will learn very quickly.  If not, he get’s the short bus to the curb!


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