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{March 14, 2009}   Oh, wow.

Googl.e.  I’m a bit concerned.  Wife needs to hog-tie husband?  I never, ever said to do that.  Although I would like to, sometimes.  And not in a kinky way.  Wow.  How funny.

And, speaking of funny.  About my sister.  Well.  Strange things just happen to her.  She “befriended a skunk” when we were in high school.  It just walked up to the side of the creek where she was sitting.  She’s had to vamoose raccoons from the barn.  Her cat recently attacked her.  But.  The single most hilarious thing that ever happened to her had to do with a frog.  So.  Let me set the scene.  It’s late at night, pitch black out by the barn, and cold.  She’s going out to feed the horses.  My dad’s horse, Flash, was kinda dumb and liked to poop in his water bucket.  So she had to clean it out almost every night.  She goes in to get the bucket, and contrary to his usual pattern, it’s actually clean, but empty.
She notices a small green tree frog on the bucket, however, and proceeds to stand in front of it and try to shoo it.  She, like me, doesn’t count on the thing jumping.  It jumps and lands on her face.  She promptly screams and tries to get it off, only to have the frog shove its foot in her mouth!  By this time, she’s screamed and frightened the horses and thoroughly made a fool of herself.  It was the funniest thing.


battycatlady says:

As a matter of fact, no, the frog was sitting on the door handle when I was going into the barn. It jumped on my face when I tried to push it off the handle so I could open the door. But you got the screaming, foot in mouth part right.

How did you get your comments to link to your blog? I can’t find where to do that.

Nina says:

Oh, excuse me. Barn, horses, frog, foot, yes, you’re right, I got the essentials. And I have no idea. I just went to and signed up. I just learned how to put icons on here yesterday! Please send me the link to your blog. I’ve emailed you and…..Beuller?…..Beuller?

battycatlady says: (feel dumb now, don’t you? lol)

Yeah, I don’t check that email address every day. On my way now.

thedaythatidie says:

your sister must feel blessed! 😉

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