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{March 17, 2009}   I can no longer watch tv.

Nope.  Can’t do it.  I try to relax and unwind and lose myself in a bit of fashion whilst watching “What Not to Wear.”  What harm could there be in that, right?  Ah ha, says the bitter, infertile, non-pregnant nor is she likely to be woman.  What harm, indeed?  No sooner than I get comfortable with my Dr. Pepper (infertility be damned, you’re not taking away my DP!) do I see an extremely pregnant (and I know this because her turkey-timer [read “belly-button”] was sticking out) saleswoman looking posh and pretty in her uptown, snooty, New York boutique.  *sighs*  It’s sunny out.  But it’s also cold.  I don’t do cold.  Did we talk about this before?  Anyway, I’ve got housework to do.  Turning off….nnnnnow.

Dammit!  Couldn’t turn it off in time.  Do people have to keep displaying their happily pregnant selves for all of us to wallow in?  *sighs again*


geohde says:

I’m sorry. It really is everywhere, isn’t it?


mary says:

You can’t escape it. I just ate 10 chocolate chip cookies while watching the Duggars and weeping the whole time. Sometimes it’s just better to turn it off.

Nina says:

I agree. It’s too pretty out to stay in anyways. Going to play in the dirt.

Mrs. Gamgee says:

I came across your blog on the ICLW list (I know it’s early, but I was just surfing 🙂 ). I just wanted to say, I totally understand. I work in a bookstore, and there are days when I feel like if I get one more customer asking for the “What to Expect” books, I might just snap. Thankfully those days aren’t every day.

Hang in there!

wonker says:

Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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