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{March 18, 2009}   Haa! I was right.

No crimson sunsets, today!  I hate my uterus.  It’s empty, misbehaved, contrary, and ornery.  All despicable qualities to have in a uterus.  Of all the abdomens, in all the world, that bastard had to land in mine.  I’m not even cramping.  Did I mention my feelings for my uterus?  If not, let me reiterate.  I hate my uterus.  I also hate my ovaries and fallopes.  Why can nothing I own work properly (preferably together) with no coercion?  I sound awfully whiny.  I’m so bitter and hopeless lately, I don’t even want to continue with the Clomid.  I just don’t think it’ll make any difference.  I’m gonna become an unmarried, crackhead drunk, or completely quit taking the pre-natal vitamins and folic acid.  That seems to be the only way to get to have healthy babies, is to do everything totally wrong.  Which I know is also completely wrong, cause my brother and sister in law have a beautiful baby and they are none of those things.  I’m just bitter, jealous, and have totally lost all hope.  Someone please knock some sense into me.  I doubt it’ll work, but we have to keep trying, I suppose.

In other news, I’m afraid I’m turning into Kate.  You know, from Jon and Kate +8.  I can be highly shrewish and grumpy, especially when a certain someone who I’m no longer aloud to blog about because he says I make him look dumb does stuff that’s just positively clueless, and then remains the only one in the room confused as to the complete cluelessness of the act.  *sighs*  I don’t want to be Kate.  Will try to work on this.

On to the next item of business.  Where do people get the money to do IVF?  I feel like I don’t have 2 dimes to rub together after the bills are paid, and there seems to be all these people able to do this treatment multiple times in a year.  Do they do financing at these places, or something?  Or am I just rubbing elbows with the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” and don’t know the difference.  Am I doing something wrong with my finances, maybe?  Did these people plan for IVF?  In reading their blogs, it doesn’t seem like it.  Please ‘splain!


Some people definitely seem to save up for IVF. For us, we’ve basically eviscerated our savings and disposable income.

There are also plenty of people in the blogosphere (and outside) who are either waiting to do it or never will be able to because of money.

And, some people have insurance that covers it.

Happy ICLW!

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