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{March 25, 2009}   Husband got jealous

The old boyfriend emailed me to catch up,right?  Well, I told YCU about it, and he got all bent out of shape.  “I’ve heard more about him in the last couple of days.”  I told him to grow up.  We dated for 2 weeks 15 years ago and broke up cause I wasn’t ready for the fast lane.  No, not that, drinking and other stuff.  I told you, he was nice!  And I was 15!  Besides, if he was a millionaire and had invented the Iphone or something, I could see getting all scared, but he’s not.  We’re too old for that shit. And this ain’t Days of Our Lives.   (Cue Hank, Jr singing “This ain’t Dallas, this ain’t Dynasty….)  Anyway, I found the whole thing amusing.  If I wanted a boyfriend, I could go out and get one.  Tomorrow.  But, that would take interest, and a lot of trouble that I don’t need or want.  I’ve always told him that I could barely deal with him, why in the hell would I want 2?

In other news, I’m still feeling better.  I’m glad to be taking a break from the pressure.  I didn’t realize it was pressure at the time, but it was.  One of the girls I work with called me to check on me, since part of my nervous breakdown commenced there, and as usual, I felt stupid after it was all over.  I’ve got to get better control over the temper emotion.  We all know I’ve never had much of a filter.  Going to have to construct one with baling twine and sheet metal, I guess.

glad you are feeling better!

oh men and their jealousy.. i think they are worse than women most of the time. i always say that too- if i wanted to be with him, i would. if i wanted to cheat, i would. i mean, its as simple as that. no need to be paranoid … people are oging to do what they will and there’s nothing that will stop it. ya know?

MrsJoyner says:

So I defninitely love the names you call your uterus..and that you hate it. Your sense of humor is wonderful and I love the sarcasm. It sounds like you have just about enough right now and taking a break might just be what you need. You now have one new follower:)

Trish says:

hi, I am visiting from ICLW…No. 103 to say hello and to check out your blog.

I guess you must feel a little bit amused . I think it nice that he cares so much about you …and must think you a still ‘hot’ and attractive to toher guys.
…if he didn’t care he might have offered to help you pack.

Glad your feeling better work can be very stressful, nice to cared to check on you too.

Nina says:

Thanks to all of you. Yes, my husband is really a sweet pea, he just has y-chromosomal moments, hence why I call him the Y-Chromosomal Unit (YCU). I just thought it was funny that he’d get all bent out of shape over someone I dated 15 years ago and haven’t seen since! Humor helps my outlook, so I’m gonna have to keep using it, or you’ll see me on the news!

Erica says:

Do DHs really think we have the TIME or DESIRE to go out and find another man? Seriously, if I woke up and wanted out of my marriage, I’d never marry again and I’d just head to the sperm bank. That would be a hell of a lot easier than my reality. LOL! 🙂 I’m kidding, of course.

I’m glad that you’re still feeling better. Taking care of yourself has to come first.

Nina says:

Really. I don’t know about you, but I spend way too much time trying to decipher cervical mucus to go screwing around. And participating in Jungle Love, with the one I want to have a baby with, not the one I don’t. I’ve still got Hank Jr in my head. (…I ain’t J.R., you ain’t Sue Ellen…)

rosesdaughter says:

Glad you are feeling better. But take your time.


Your dry sense of humor is hilarious “invented the iphonee” love it. I just found your blog through ICLW. You sound like a break is just what you need to collect your thoughts. We did that and while it was hard to mentally separate myself from IF, it helps my mind and body out a lot.
If you get a chance stop by my non profit Parenthood for Me. We need help spreading the word.
Have a good weekend

Rocksee says:

HAHA.. I love this.. Loved Loved Loved.. hahahaha I am still giggling.. “invented the iphone” that’s great!

Found you at SITS!


Nina says:

Ya know, y’all seem to think my iPhone comment was real funny. Hell, I wasn’t even tryin that hard! Stick around, I got a million of ’em!

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