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{March 27, 2009}   I have the most interesting audience.

No, really, I do!  Today’s search terms were hog-tie, hang crotch fuck, fucked in stirrups.  Someone really wants to fuck me, apparently.  Please use lube, is all I ask.

Today at work, we were discussing what lines were used on us, and if they ever worked.  I was proud to say no!  I think I’ve covered the one night stand thing before.  If you’re new, I’ll explain, briefly.  My husband has a most interesting way of putting things.  He said that when he met me, I still had the “new car smell” in regards to previous partners.  I don’t do that.  End of discussion.  Not on the 1st date, not on the 12th date.  I have to know someone really well.  I’m like Cher in Clueless:  “Look how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet!”  Course, it’s all a moot point now, but at the time, see.  I had a guy ask me if I wanted to go to the truck once.  He asked my why I wasn’t dancing, I told him I hadn’t been asked, and he asked me to go to the truck.  Amazing.  Oh, for those of you who might not understand, going to the truck is southern for “motel room”, “need a ride?”, or any other attempts to get into the britches.  I informed him that under no circumstances was I going anywhere with him, as he could be an axe murderer, and how dare he ask such a question.  Had that ever worked for him?  I wasn’t trash, and he hadn’t even introduced himself.  He must have been either really drunk, or really brave.  Or the one led him to the other.  I don’t know.  But he barely escaped with his eyeballs, I can tell you that.

Faith says:

Ha! Those are some random search terms, no doubt. The “truck” line made me laugh — nothing like growing up Southern! Thanks for stopping by our blog 🙂

Tarah says:

Wow! I would agree that those are some random search terms. WTH?

I’ve never heard the “truck” line before and got a chuckle. I just might try that on my H tonight! 🙂


Lorza says:

I totally knew what you were talking about (go to the truck). How funny. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am feeling better- THANK GOD!!!! You are a funny girl- I hope you are doing better.

Lorza says:

I used to live in AL (where we have our follow up with new urologist)…I actually MET Ke.ith in 1996 when he was no name- at a county fair in Kenne.wich, WA. He was HOTT back then! 😉 I wish we did live near each other- I like reading your blog!!

Jo says:

You are hilarious. In case you didn’t already know.

Found you through ICLW — read back a few posts. So, so sorry for what you are going through. But I love, love, love how you are able to put it into words.

I’m adding you to my reader.


staciet says:

Those search terms are crazy! I have to try to find out what people are using to get to my site. At least I think I want to know! 🙂

Love the “new car smell”–funny!


Nina says:

Thanks, all. Stacie, I just went to my dashboard (don’t know if you’re a wordpresser or not) admin page and it’s in the stats. What got looked at the most, how many hits you got, and search terms people used to get to your site. Jo, anyone who knows me will tell you, I’ve never had any trouble putting anything into words. They just might not like the words I choose. Come by and chat anytime, I’ll make sweet iced tea.

“hog-tie, hang crotch fuck, fucked in stirrups”

sorry, but that’s just WRONG. (unless its consenting adults, but even then)… haha

Enna says:

Oh man I love love love random search terms. I, sadly, get a lot of pedofelia related terms…which is uncomfortable, to say the least.

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