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{March 28, 2009}   ICLW

This IComLeavWe thing is by far one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.  I haven’t laughed and smiled like this in a long time.  I’ve had so many visitors and so many nice comments.  Thank you all.  Seriously

Ok, enough sap.  I’m now going to blog about my stupid neighbors.  They’ve erected a 60 foot long fence between our driveways, taken up every speck of pretty landscaping out of their yard, and come over here on CHRISTMAS DAY to bitch at us about MUD on their driveway.  That we didn’t put there, one of my husband’s stupid unhousebroken friends did.  We’ve apologized, but this guy apparently ain’t never been out the yard before, so he doesn’t know how to have interactions with normal people.  He also planted an ugly, teeny shrub right next to the fence.  I told my husband to weed-whack it and play dumb.  “I’m sooo sorry!  I thought is was a weed!  It was kindof ugly, you have to admit.  Let me know when you plant something next time, that way, I’ll know it’s there.  Hard to differentiate that little ugly shrub and ground scrub, ya know?”


lol @ the shrub. That would be so gratifying to “accidentally” weed whack it. Isn’t ICLW great?! I love it!


Lorza says:

LOL! I love your writing style!! I totally would weed wack it to…um, or have my lawn man do it. 🙂

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