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{March 30, 2009}   I wish you could see my neighbor.

The man is mowing his grass when it’s still wet!  Does that sound stupid to anyone else?  What a nut.  I need to get out there and weed the irises in the back.  I’m just really lazy and don’t care.  My (real) grass needs mowing, but my husband most inconveniently broke his foot.  I’ve never turned the mower on, so we’ll be able to bale hay before it gets mown at this rate.  I’ve always had daddies and brothers and husbands to mow the yard, so it’s just not something I do.  I’ll have to beg my brother or dad to come help me, or my husband will have to teach me to drive the mower.  That should be interesting.  I can’t even drive a stick shift.


Lorza says:

you neighbor is insane. As far as mowing the grass??? It became my job when my husbands work week hours topped 55 or so…..thats when I decided to cut back on my an extra day a month….and pay someone to cut my grass.

I had the worst luck..broken weedeater, flooding the mower. I would rather work a day and pay someone to come every two weeks and do it. 🙂

May says:

We had sheep. I have never mowed the grass in my life. And after your previous post, I can’t believe I just typed that.

Its incredibly fucking stupid to mow when the grass is wet. Our neighbours across the road (and their neighbours, a lovely old couple) mow their yards up to 4 times a week!! I don’t “do” mowing, and with the male working saturdays, we often mow once every couple of weeks. You can tell we live in an estate where 90% of the inhabitants are retired because their lawns look like golf courses, impeccable. As for us, in summer the grass makes us look like junkies. I’m pretty sure a tiger would be hidden in the grass sometimes.

I can’t drive a manual either. Cripes. Good luck with the yard.

i think my dad – the handiest man alive- ruined me for other men. with each new relationship i make a ahocking discovery “what? you mean you don’t know how to put in a dimmer switch?” ” you can’t fix the hole in the roof of my car?”

well what kind of man ARE YOU?

Tiffany says:

If our grass ever recovers from being beaten to death by 4 kids + neighbor kids, I’m going to let my oldest son mow. Sounds like a good job for him.

Harriet says:

Stopping by via SITS to say hallo.
Have a great day!

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