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{April 5, 2009}   And so we mulched.

Well, $400 later, I am now the proud owner of a newly created flowerbed with purple, yellow, and pink flowers in it.  Fully top-soiled and mulched.  It really looks nice, and I really need to learn how to upload pics so I can show you before and after.  My husband kept talking about random stuff relating to the flower beds, and the new stuff we were creating, and I realized he hadn’t listened to a word I’d said about where I’m putting the plants I’ve ordered.  They haven’t come in yet, so I’ve been sitting around deciding where to put them.  I had to show him again where I wanted the stuff, and he’s got this bright idea of putting flower beds around the trees in the front yard so that he won’t have to mow so close.  This sounds like a lot more work than I’d anticipated.  *sighs*  He keeps saying he’s proving a point, that I’ll get tired of all this dirt and shovelling, but I did it today, and did my fair share of the work.  I can’t lift 40lb bags, so I hate it that he has to do the heavy lifting.  Boo-hoo-hoo.  Hmmmph!

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